The stare. The very overheat stare.
The stare. The very overheated stare.

Yes. It was hot. Very hot.

The Uptown Swingers parade was the last second line of the season, so I thought it would be a good idea to be on the scene.


First, the ground temperature — from my car’s thermometer — was 100 degrees. In the shade. I don’t alway trust that thermometer because even the car manufacturer admits that it isn’t always accurate. But, my experience tells me it is consistently low. So…

Second, the parade was scheduled to start at 1 pm. Hot enough. Then it was delayed until 3 pm. Even hotter. Then it was delayed until 3:30 pm. In Southeast Louisiana, that’s about the hottest time of the day.

For a while I sat on the stoop and in some shade of any abandoned electric power plant.  A lot of people had the same idea. Yes. We had a bit of shade and a place to sit but still…

Why do it? Any of it? As musician Jimmy Buffett once wrote, “We do it for the stories we can tell.”

He’s right. I’m telling one now.

The picture. Oh, man. The tuba player arrived at about the same time that I did. There was hardly anybody around at the scheduled time. I thought, “Uh oh, this isn’t good.” Even though he looks like he’s glaring at me, by the time I reached him we were both asking each other for start time information.  Neither of us knew it.



6 Replies to “Hot. Very Hot.”

    1. Same semi-tropical weather I’m sure. If you stay through late -July and August, you’ll see two things. The French Quarter will empty out (except for Stachmofest, when people turn English or act like mad dogs) and the crime rate will spike which proves one of my theories. If you want to cut crime, buy people air conditioners.

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      1. I would have guessed the opposite about the crime rate, too hot to be active. Shows what I know. I’m already staying in all afternoon, same as when I was Panama or lived in Florida.


      2. Constant heat makes you grumpy. And edgy. Booze gives you courage. It’s like math. 1+1 = blammo, you’re dead. We tend to stay around the house from about soon to 6pm unless we have to do something.

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