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About Humanity

Tuba on the line.

Tuba on the line.


A word that is about us all. Everyone. Everywhere. All the time. Race. Creed. Political leanings. It doesn’t matter. We are all human

When my blogging colleague over at A Frank Angle asked me to illustrate a post that he was writing, I kind of gulped. The words he chose — acceptance, compassion, cooperation, goodness, humility, integrity, kindness, love, patience and respect — are big, huge words. There are intimidating when you try to put pictures to them. Even though I have the pictures in my  archives, I struggled to cull them into something that make sense. This picture is sort of a lead in to the 11 pictures that Frank posted on his blog.

Once again, his blog is called A Frank Angle.

You can visit using this link.

I invite you to take a look and comment, either there or over here on Storyteller.






  1. Cheers to our posting duet. … and I invite your readers to stop by and comment … after all, it’s a friendly place. … and tell me Ray sent you.

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  3. You have some great photos! New Orleans has so much history and culture which can be seen through the images that you have taken. Definitely a place i’d love to visit! I actually have a poll on my page, feel free to participate 🙂


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