Water... everywhere.
Water… everywhere.

Summer in Louisiana. The rainy season.

Water everywhere. That means pictures everywhere. I made this picture in New Orleans. At the grocery store. In the parking lot. The photograph is a little odd. I suppose that you could call this a nature picture. If you stretched the definition a little. Or, a lot. After all, there is water and leaves floating on it. But, really…

I realize these look like fall leaves. Remember, I said “in New Orleans.” Things aren’t often what they seem.

It’s summer right now. Trust me. It was hot Friday. Very hot. The heat index was up around 110 degrees. That seems like a summer temperature to me. After Saturday’s rains, the temperature plummeted to 84 degrees. The air was less humid. The water in the air was pooling on the ground. Hopefully, the weather will stay like this today. I’d like to photograph that second line I mentioned. And, it’s Father’s Day. A lot of people — me included — would like to burn something on the grill. And, eat outside. In the heat. And, humidity.

Happy Father’s Day, y’all.


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