Weather Two

Sticky snow.
Sticky snow.

Weather. Snow. Cold. Night.

Winter in New York. Nothing like it. For pictures. Especially if you like to work in  low light like I do.  I made this picture in 1996. In those days, I used to work in Hong Kong for a couple of months. Fly home to Dallas, Texas. And, two days later I’d be in New York. I’d go from a very mild sub-tropical winter to a cold winter in a matter of two or three days. No wonder my body was always so confused.

In 1996, I was working with Nikon N90s or F90s. Same camera. I either bought them in New York or in Hong Kong, which explains the different camera lettering system. The picture was taken with a Nikon 20 mm F 2.8 lens. The shutter speed was probably 1/4 of a second. This picture isn’t quite as dramatic as the one that I posted yesterday. Not every picture can be.

One more thing. A lot of people have the idea that buying stuff in Hong Kong is less expensive. That’s a myth for anything that is sold globally. Those items, especially technology, have sort of a set price. MAPed, it’s called. The only time I really saved money in Hong Kong on camera gear was when the Southeast Asian market crashed and actually deflated. The photo store in which I bought a lot of gear in Hong Kong imported a lot of Nikon F5s from Thailand. I bought two for the price of one. But, they were being dumped for pennies on the dollar.


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