Oops. I Meant Getting Schooled

Street schooling in The French Quarter.
Street schooling in The French Quarter.

Getting schooled on the street.

Tour groups. In The French Quarter. Some are historical. Some are architectural. Some are spooky. Some are musical. A lot of them are just a long walk with a group of random people.


Although most of the tour guides are licensed, they don’t all know their stuff. I’ve heard historical or architectural tour guides say things like, “This is an example of  architecture.” Or, telling really gruesome ghost stories that never happened. Or, saying that a launderette used to be a recording studio where rock n’ roll was invented. Oh, wait. That one is true. But, the other two? Not so much. After all, my out buildings are an example of architecture. Or, at least a carpenter with a blueprint and a hammer and nails.

The picture. This is one of those pictures I made on the way to someplace else. I like making pictures of tour groups in The French Quarter as I am passing by. They are so busy learning misinformation that they don’t notice me as I take picture after picture. One of these days I’m going to ask them to jump up and down and dance in the street. You’ll know if I do that. You’ll see it here.


    1. I think I know who you mean. For a time before storm there ghost tour company who ran tours from an Irish pub. They were probably the best of them. Next time, if you want to a historical tour, book one well in advance with Chris Rose. He is a fine writer, who wrote amazing and heartfelt post Katrina columns for the TP. Damn near won a Pultizer for them. He knows his stuff and is funny. With that, he is always booked up.

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