Into the blue hour.
Into the blue hour.

Earhart Expressway.

I like this road. Originally it was built as sort of a back door from New Orleans to the airport, which although it is owned by The City of New Orleans, is located in Kenner. A small town in Jefferson Parish. About 12 miles away from the city. When we first returned after our exile in the desert, I used to live near it. Back then, I never understood how cool using it could be. Once you get on the expressway in New Orleans, there are no traffic lights and only a couple of exits out bound and one entrance inbound. Many drivers use this as a raceway since it is very hard for Louisiana State Troopers to patrol. I would never do such a thing.

A little history. When the expressway was built, the intent was that it would a more direct route to the airport. It would help with traffic flow because there were only those few entrances and exits. But, construction was stopped in River Ridge, where it just terminates. The plan was to continue construction eventually.

Eventually turned into years and pretty soon the needed land was developed. Now there  are railroad tracks (they were there previously) and apartments, condos and a small neighborhood in the way.

Even so, it is a really good way for me to get to the  airport. I just have to make a right turn when I get off at the terminus of the expressway, turn left on Airline Highway and it’s only a few miles a way. Much better than taking the interstate. It’s also a great loop when I’m out and about making pictures. It gets me very close to one set of train yards and you know me…

The picture. Another drive by. Or, more accurately, a drive through. I like these kinds of pictures. They give you a little sense of mystery. A little sense of what’s possible. And, the feeling of anticipation. Like I am starting out on a long road trip.



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