Cement Place

Where the hard work is done.
Where the hard work is done.

A change is gonna come.

I made a bunch of pictures a couple of nights ago when I was scouting for a particular kind of location. Despite my lack of motivation to work much for myself, you know me. I had to take pictures once I started poking around.

Even though New Orleans is mostly thought of sort as a magical place where food, music and festivals take precedence, the area was built on industry, manufacturing and shipping. After all, the Mississippi River is a gateway to the rest of the country. Like everybody else, sometime I forget that.

My poking around the another night reminded me.

This place makes cement. I imagine with all the construction going on around New Orleans, this company is fairly busy. I wasn’t really going there. I was driving down to those overpasses. Believe it or not, there is a small down-at-the-heals motel under them. It’s kind of an interesting place. It looks like their guests stay there for a while. And, it look like the all do some kind of blue collar work. There were clothes lines, cooking grills and lounge chairs outside. Not the kind you find that are provided by the motel.

I’ll show you a couple of pictures later, but this is really the kind of place that takes time to photograph properly. It takes time to earn the trust of the people who live there. And, I’d really need an end point to do it. These days, there really is no place for picture stories that are sort of old school. Yes. There are all sorts of websites doing some pretty good photojournalism, but there is no money for the work. As I always say, my dogs like high quality kibbles.

That said, this picture is not a drive by. I actually got out of the car and worked this scene a little.  For the most part, it’s just F8 and be there.


  1. I love the layers and colors in this one.
    BTW: I haven’t forgotten about your proposal. I am digging out this week, and don’t travel anywhere next week!
    I’ve been formulating the questions.
    Thank you for your patience…and your fabulous photos!


    1. Thank you and no worries. I’ve got a coupe proposals simmering — from of bloggers — so they’ll come together whenever they do. Please tell me about an email for external content production for you on Storyteller? I haven’t replied yet. I’m inclined to do it, but I have questions. Always questions.

      Liked by 1 person

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