Magical window.
Magical window.

See? I kept my promise. The end of the blue hour.

For now.

I was going to make this picture part of a little collection. But, I looked at it closely — you should too — and I was pretty amazed by all that stuff going on outside the window in sort of the background. And, the way it is sort of blurry and maybe a little magical. Like sort of a hidden garden. In a book.

I probably shouldn’t say this. It might hurt the mood of what you see. The blurry, and sort of foggy feeling is caused by really old window glass. Old glass is wavy, imperfect and looks a little hand-made. Even older glass becomes milky over the years. That always inspires a debate when you are restoring an old house. Keep it because it’s cool, but a little dark. Or, make the room brighter with more modern glass.

After looking at the picture and the rest of the take, I should go back and just photograph the window. I think that I could pretty much make the greenery look like a painting without doing very much post production.

To me, it’s odd that I didn’t take more time. Usually I work on a subject until it’s done. Or, as done as it could be. It could take ten minutes of a couple of hours. The time never matters unless I really have to be somewhere. Something must have felt “off” to me, so I worked too fast. I didn’t see enough. Or, look around enough.

I’ll go back.



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