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The Big Picture



Well. Here we go.

I’ve been showing you little night-time slashes of locations in the French Quarter. Little bits and pieces. Pictures that could almost have been made in any city. Your city.

Today, let’s look at the heart of the French Quarter. Decatur Street. Jackson Square. St. Louis Cathedral. This is why many people come to New Orleans. This, or Bourbon Street. But, if you are not a big partier, this is it. And, maybe to drink “N’awlins” style coffee and eat a beignet at Cafe du Monde, which is just to the right outside of this picture. Or listen to the buskers on Royal  Street.

Of course, there is every possible festival which is are great reasons to come here. But, those are other stories for other days.

You may have seen a picture very similar to this one. Everywhere. A lot of people try to take it. And, often they succeed. But, not with that wonderful blue light in the sky and clouds that are orange and purple cotton candy. And, certainly not with the frontal illumination. Everywhere.

Why? What? When? Where? How?

I happened to make this picture when there was a giant moon rising over my shoulder. It wasn’t a so-called super moon, but it was big and nothing blocked its reflected light. In many ways, it worked just like a giant photographic reflector. Its angle of ascent picked up the last remaining stray light from the setting sun and bounced it down into the scene.

I’d like to say this was all luck on my part. And, to some degree it was. But, I also have an app for that. As long as the sky isn’t cloudy it works very well. Actually, it works just fine when there are clouds. You just can’t see the moon or its reflected light.



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