French Quarter pizza.
French Quarter pizza.

I wish.

We aren’t going to have light anything like this until Wednesday. If we are lucky. The fairgrounds where Jazzfest was held is a sea of pooled water and mud. A good part of Southeastern Louisiana is flooded. As French government’s architect said in 1839 when he was asked to describe the land in and around New Orleans, “Mud, Mud, Mud.”

He was right.

We lost power at home for a while. And we are still under a flash flood watch. Yes. Happy spring.


I thought that I would publish a picture I made a little while back. Combined with the tamale picture it seems that I’m starting to hit my stride with some kinds of fast food. At least the buildings in which the food is made. Pizza and tamales. What could be better?

This is The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen. At least the ground floor. The second floor is abandoned and caving in. It is located across the street of the French Quarter Market.

Once it was part of the city market system. You could buy real groceries there. In fact, fruit coming from Central and South America was a fresh as you could ever want since the fruit boat docks were about five minutes away. Now that fairly historic market is chopped up in to distinct sub markets. Tacky, unneeded souvenirs that have supposedly come from every place on earth, but were mostly made in China can be purchased in one corner. There’s another section, just across the street, in which you can find  fruit, veggies, herbs, seafood, coffees, teas and some cooked food for tourists. It’s all fine. Maybe we are coming full circle. Wouldn’t that be nice?  If it doesn’t cost too much.


The pizza is well made and tastes pretty good. It is reasonably priced and there is plenty of good seating. Inside and out. Especially if it is not raining and muddy. And, everybody is not soaked and smelling like a wet dog.






    1. Thank you for that. Good advice on Jazzfest. I’m pretty sure that the folks who come down yearly have long booked their rooms. Same thing for Mardi Gras. From now through Mardi Gras Day, most of my posts are about “da culture.”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never been to Mardi Gras…perhaps it should be on my bucket list. I look forward to your posts and gaining an understanding of what it’s like. I confess that I’m a little wary of the rowdiness. 🙂


      2. It’s not as rowdy as you think. Bourbon Street is crazy, but I can’t remember the last time we’ve been there for Mardi Gras. We live Uptown. We go to parades there. We go to a couple of Krewe balls. And, we have people over on one Sunday for a brunch and they can walk two blocks to St. Charles Avenue to see parades. For locals it’s more like Christmas or Thanksgiving.


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