Tree leaves glowing.
New leaves of spring glowing in late afternoon light.

I always talk about this.

During spring, we have huge storms. Then, they blow out and the sunlight just glows as it peeks through the clouds. Then, more storms. Then, more sun. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

The rain came down so hard and for so long that Saturday’s Jazzfest was cancelled just as the big  acts were getting ready to play. Stevie Wonder’s performance was cancelled. Too bad. I happen to know that during morning sound check he was working on Prince’s “Purple Rain.” This year’s Jazzfest has  featured a lot of bittersweet moments with a lot of musicians playing a song in Prince’s memory. And, in Merle’s memory. And, in Bowie’s memory. And, in Glenn Frey’s memory. And, in Allen Toussaint’s memory. And later today, in B.B King’s memory.

But, nobody is has the chops of Stevie Wonder to cover a Prince song. His version of “Purple Rain” would have brought the house down. Instead, a very strong rain storm brought him down.

Rain. Rain. Rain.

Nobody ever beats nature.

With that in mind, I thought that I’d publish the sunny side of spring. For you. On Sunday.

One more thing. Yes. I know Bruce Springsteen covered “Purple Rain” last week in Brooklyn. He and his band did a wonderful job. His band mate, Nils Lofgrin, played an incredible lead guitar solo.

But, Stevie Wonder…


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