Religious revival meetings. Big tent meetings. Prayer meetings. They always intrigued me because I grew up in a place where they were never held. At least I don’t think so. Even though I was born on the East Coast, I grew up in Southern California. I earned my undergraduate degree in Northern California. As I […]

Memorial Day. In the United States, a day to remember those members of the military who never came home. “All the brave soldiers that cannot get older been askin’ after you Hear the past a callin’, from Armageddon’s side When everyone’s talkin’ and no one is listenin’, how can we decide? (Do we) find the cost of […]

Street photography in Winston-Salem. North Carolina. Remember yesterday’s post? I said that I often left home a little early to make some “evergreen” photographs. Freestanding art, as the used to say in the news business. These are two examples of that work. If I’m not mistaken, they were made within a day or two of each […]

1981. Winston-Salem. North Carolina. I moved from the newspapers in Virginia to the Winston-Salem newspapers in early 1981. I was hired for a lot of reasons. One of them was because I could find street pictures and fill a newspaper on a slow news day. I applied for the job because a friend of mine, a photographer […]

I don’t always made normal portraits. In fact, I rarely do. You’ll never confuse me with a studio photographer who shoots nice family portraits. That’s okay. For all of us. But, there is a great backstory here. When I was working for The New River Newspapers in Virginia, the advertising staff came up with an […]

1980. The general election. I was working for a small chain of regional newspapers called The New River Newspapers. There were three. One was located in Pulaski. Another in Radford and a semi-weekly in Blacksburg. Virginia. As I recall, this picture was taken early in the morning of the election. Jimmy Carter v Ronald Reagan for […]

A few of you asked me if I would show my very early work. My black and white work. This isn’t my very earliest work. But, it’s sort of close. If I’m not mistaken I was still in college. But, I was almost done. Ready to graduate. I was freelancing around the Bay Area. In […]

A little more Impressionism. This time, it’s about traffic in New Orleans’ Central Business District. At night. You’re probably gonna laugh when I tell you how I made those repeating “W” shapes with the light. At the very moment I pressed the shutter release button I did the New Orleans thing. I hit a pot […]

Time Square. New York City. I made this picture in 1991. I was in New York for business and probably the big photo convention at The Javitz Center. We had a little free time so we wandered around and looked at stuff. One of my walking partners was Chuck O’Rear, a pretty well-known National Geographic […]