Three Lakes

The place where three lakes come together.
The place where three lakes come together.

This is it.

This about as far as you can go east and still be in New Orleans. It is in a place where three lakes come together. Lake Ponchartrain. Lake Borgne. And, Lake Catherine. For those who have been following my last few posts, this is just a bit further east than the picture of the house on stilts.

There are a few more images that I culled from the original take. None is quite so dramatic as this one, at least in their RAW form. I’ll show them to you tomorrow.

The picture. Originally, it wasn’tย quite as dramatic as what you are seeing. When I first started my post production I had this image in my mind. But not in the data. So, I went for it. That’s a big benefit of working with RAW files as opposed to Jpegs. It took a while to get there in post. I stumbled around a bit. When I finally arrivedย I knew it. As you know, I’m not really a nature photographer so I’m never really comfortable presenting work like this. I hope it works for you. Just a little.



    1. I learned, long ago, that digital sensors can really dig into the shadows, opening them up. So I let them fall where they may, while I expose for the highlights. Blown highlights can never be recovered. Deep shadows can. The rest was controlled in post production. You’ll see a little more of that today.

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  1. I think it’s beautiful!
    I attempted to work in RAW files once, and barely knew enough to be dangerous.
    I have a new camera (purchased last week) and now it’s time to really learn the craft–the technical pieces that always escape my little brain.


    1. Thank you. That picture took a lot more in post production than normal because I had to pick the area I wanted to expose since the lights and darks were so extreme.

      What did you buy?

      You’re going to need software to open and process any RAW image. Generally, there is an auto-function that can get you pretty close. But, the really essential first step is to always work on a copy. Never the original. That way you can experiment, make mistakes and not hurt the original file. The one thing I wouldn’t do is to try to learn Photoshop. It’s a long and very steep learning curve. It’s way more than most photographers need.

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      1. Great advice. I’ve had Photoshop for two years and feel lost most of the time. It’s why I try to do everything when I’m actually taking the pic.
        I bought an Olympus e-M10 11
        My first choice was a Nikon, but I already had Olympus lenses and fiscal responsibility won the day.
        I just feel like I need a soup to nuts photography class – gonna look into the local university


      2. Photoshop is great if you assemble pictures or if you are a designer. It’s a huge piece of software. Lightroom is good (maybe better) for most photographers’ needs because it is really only about pictures. As far as Nikon goes, I sold my Nikon gear about 4 years ago while we were in the middle of touring for 16 months. I switched on the fly to Sony Mirrorless. They are a lot lighter and I got tired of schlepping gear through airports. I used Olympus bodies many, many years ago. They were assigned to UPI staff members at the time. The body that you bought looks like my old OM 1s and 2s. I loved those bodies. I could hold four or five in one hand. ๐Ÿ™‚

        That’s going to have to be semester long class. Even back when I went to university, there weren’t many complete overview classes.

        As far as learning to use some kind of photo processing software goes, I’ll tell you what I did. I stopped playing digital games. And, I stopped watching television in hotel rooms. My entertainment became tinkering with pictures.


      3. Almost every three weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚ As the cow said on the billboard, “Eat more chickin.” I have an idea. How would you feel about doing a co-post? You ask 20-30 photo questions and I answer them from two points of view. Yours, which is really wanting to learn and grown. And, other posters who just want to illustrate their blogs a little better.

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