Out There

Stormy skies near Rigolets Pass.
Stormy skies near Rigolets Pass.

Stormy skies. For a stormy week.

Believe it or not, this is New Orleans. Admittedly, it’s way out there.

On one side, there is Lake Ponchartrain. On the other side is Lake Catherine. Straight ahead is the Rigolets Pass, which eventually leads to the Gulf of Mexico. This view is from Highway 90, the old way to travel east or west from New Orleans. Highway 90 is also called Chef Mentor Highway.

That big building is actually a house. Built on stills. The owner hopes it will help the next time a hurricane blows through. It might, if all that hits this area is a storm surge of about 15 feet. But, last time… Hurricane Katrina blew through almost at this exact spot. Nothing was left.

Let me just say this. About that. These people really, really want to live there. Imagine carrying everything — like your groceries — up a 15 or 20 foot tall staircase just to get to the first floor of your house. Historically, most of these houses were called camp houses, as in fishing camp houses. They were fairly small and inexpensively built. Often the owners did not live there all year round. These were weekend homes.


Like everything, it seems, the newly rebuilt houses are bigger and better. I took this picture from some distance away. It’s a McMansion. You don’t need a house “in town.” You can just live here. Aside from nature’s whims, this is a pretty safe place to live. No gangs. No drugs. No murders. No violent crime. On the other hand, the closest grocery story is about 15 miles away. Medical care is even further away. And, whatever you do, don’t run out of gas. But, if your car runs out of gas, you probably have a boat. That’s something.



    1. Thanks, Tim. It’s sort of funny. Many years ago, I was taught that everybody makes their own means from art. You and I see that picture about the same way. But, from across other social media people are seeing it in ways I never thought of. 🙂


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