Jackson Square Glow

Color and reflections.
Color and reflections.

Well. The picture has nothing to do with the text. I’d say this time. But, lately…

My friend Anne Marie, over at http://www.monstersnangles.com said that she wants to hear the “Hong Kong Umbrella Story.” She also loves the French Quarter.

So. The picture was made in Jackson Square at night in the rain. That’s why you see all that cool glow and reflection.

The Hong Kong story is better.

I spent many years in Hong Kong. I got to know it very well. In some ways I like it better than New Orleans. At least I know that I won’t get shot while I’m out and about taking a picture. The climate is about the same and the food is excellent. In some ways the food is about the same. Seafood. Rice. Vegetables.


In Hong Kong, just like in New Orleans, the weather turns on a dime. Bright and sunny one minute. Driving, side ways rain, the next.

Unlike New Orleans, Hong Kong is a public transportation and walking city. If you get stuck in an unexpected cloud burst you just head the nearest street vendor and buy an umbrella for about four US dollars.

Then, you go meet whoever you were meeting for lunch at a local restaurant where the staff has conveniently placed an umbrella stand near the doorway. They don’t want you dripping water all over their floors. You put your brand new shiny umbrella in the stand along with everybody else’s. Some guy puts his rusted and broken umbrella in there with all the rest. He leaves first and takes your brand new umbrella with him, leaving you the broken one. What a jerk.

And, that’s how I always had a brand new umbrella.


  1. Thank you for the umbrella story! I bought an umbrella in the French Quarter a few years ago, and the inside metal parts were razor sharp. I used it here in NJ for a few years…almost lost a few fingers…then brought it back to New Orleans last year to dump it in a French Quarter garbage can. 🙂


    1. Oh, you’re welcome. It must have been made in southern China like mine where. Heh! We start the first Jazzfest week tomorrow. On Monday there is going to be a big second line in Treme. Everybody will be wearing purple.

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