In The Spring

A little rain never stopped anybody.
A little rain never stopped anybody.

We, in Southeast Louisiana, live in the semi-tropics. We wear shorts, t-shirts, and even flip-flops in the rain. Sometimes we use umbrellas.  But, that’s about it.

I try not to use umbrellas. A while back, in the middle of a huge storm, I tried to use one. A gust of wind came along. Not only did the wind turn the umbrella inside out, but it broke it in two. Then, as I was struggling with it, another gust came along and blew it down the street. I  know. I know. Comedy hour.

Cameras? I do my best to protect them. Some gear is semi-weather proofed. But, I don’t really trust them in a strong storm. Sometimes, my gear gets wet. I actually broke a camera which was finally diagnosed as having internal water damage. In this day and age of all things electronic, that about killed it. Luckily, my gear is insured.


It’s not like the old days when cameras where mechanical and could take a little beating. I still have an old Nikon F body. It was the first SLR Nikon. I’m pretty convinced I could pound nails with it. Modern, digital cameras are really little computers. They are more fragile. You have to be a little more careful. On the other hand, take pictures is what I do. So, I run the risk of possibly damaging my gear… especially in our wet climate. Of course, I’m as careful as I can reasonably be. For instance, this picture was taken from under an awning. I was pretty dry. So was the camera.


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