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Mile and miles...

Miles and miles…

This is a perfect symbol. An icon. Of the state that I call home.


Oil. Religion. All in one picture. Well, the oil “bidness” is tanking and the state is broke. That’s not the only reason. But, it certainly doesn’t help. The state is in a deep recession of its own making. And, religion? Well, I’m not going there. I never do. That’s a great way to start a really big argument. Let’s just say, that I’ve never seen so many churches in one place.


I’m thinking it’s time for a change. It’s been rumbling around inside me for a while. The first thing to know, is that I haven’t been working very much. Oh, not in that way. I take plenty of pictures when I’m supposed to. You know, as in being paid to do it. I do my management thing. I rarely have the time to take pictures when I travel because of that management thing, so you think I only work in New Orleans.

I seem to have run into some sort of major block. A good friend of mine says that I may be coming to phase when the place is dead to me. How the hell could New Orleans be dead to anyone? Likely, it’s the other way around. Likely, it’s because I worked everything about three or four times over. This place just isn’t that big. The other day, I had to a file search for a client. You know, stock pictures. But, not the usual stuff. Pictures made my way.  He wanted something that comes down to “The Best of  New Orleans.” My way.

I searched my deeper files. I decided to go back to where I hadn’t been in a while. I dipped back to the year when I first returned. And, then I went forward from there. What I found sort of amazed me. Even though my technique, my style and my post production has certainly improved — practice, practice, practice — the subject matter remains about the same. As Led Zeppelin once sang, “The Song Remains The Same.”

I believe that every artist has to grow and change. Maybe it’s the subject matter. Maybe it’s the place. Sometimes, it’s the style itself. Or, maybe I just need to travel a little bit for myself. I keep talking about road trips, but I have never time to take the ones that I really want to do.

So. We’ll see. I’ll sort it out. I always do. It comes to me in a dream. Or, in the verse of some song. Or, from some other unexpected place. Or, maybe from just writing this. Where I come from, they say to always tell another human being. I just told all of you.




  1. Believe or not I stopped taking photos while reading and seeing you posts/photos, a photo is a bit more than what I was doing, very close to what I get on your blog. Road trips, blogging and photographing, that would be a great project, you should think about it!


    • We were in either Upstate or Middle Vermont — wherever Essex Junction is considered to be — in Summer 2013 and it felt like we were Mississippi. 🙂 I do have a buddy way up in Newport VT who could probably use a visit from me. Very close to the Canadian border. Only probably with that is if we cross the border we might never come back. Heh!


  2. Even though my technique, my style and my post production has certainly improved — practice, practice, practice — the subject matter remains about the same. As Led Zeppelin once sang, “The Song Remains The Same.”….

    Those words really resonated with me… I think you are right, we all need to change at times… Life is about that.— at the same time, circumstances change, but essences remain the same..
    Best of luck to you. Aquileana ⭐


    • Thank you. Sometimes you just have to circle around back to the original essence. I think that I mostly just need a change of scene. For a little while.


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