A Walk in the Garden

Roses in the soft sunlight.
Roses in the soft sunlight.

To tell you the truth, I forgot about this picture. It’s one of the backyard pictures that I take from time to time. Usually, I do that because I’m lazy. Very lazy. Not this time. I was testing a new lens. I didn’t know how it would handle strong backlighting. For that matter, I didn’t know how it would handle anything.

This may be about the fourth or five picture that I took with it.

It did fine. In fact, I was very happily surprised. Backlighting is the toughest test of a lens. You are looking at the results.

Because I know that some of you will ask. It’s a Sigma Art lens. 60 mm/f2.8. If you use it on a normal DSLR it looks about like any other lens. That’s one version. If you use it on a mirrorless body, it’s a different design entirely.  The external functions are stripped way down. It looks a little weird. Like a tube. Nothing else. No f stops. No distance settings. No nothing. Of course, you can see the settings through either the viewfinder or the lcd, so that doesn’t matter. It’s fairly inexpensive. But, that’s not what matters most. What matters to me is its size. It’s small. It balances very well on Sony mirrorless cameras. Unlike the latest and greatest lens releases from either Sony or their partner Zeiss, this lens is tiny in comparison. Even though those new Sony/Zeiss offerings are incredible lenses, they sort of defeat the purpose of using a small body. I think.

What do I know?


      1. Ganked? That must be a Boston term. 🙂 I would just say shot five or six times. You want to know a typical weekend day? Hang out at home or in the yard, walk down to Magazine Street, have a coffee, walk back, walk the dogs, say hi to the neighbors, one of whom is 95 years old…

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