Riverboats and Other Light

Steamboat Natchez on the Mississippi River.
Steamboat Natchez on the Mississippi River.

I think this will be the last picture about light in this series and for this week. The picture is a combination of luck and a little bit of knowledge. I could see the light changing so I headed to the river. That’s the knowledge. I didn’t count on the light changing so much and so nicely. That’s luck.

The rest is really just being there and exposing properly for the light. I wish I could give you more precise tips. Just be aware. Of the light. Your situation. And, everything else.

There is one more thing. It’s about lens selection and cropping. Or, really framing. I like to work with wide lenses and usually pretty close. Even when I am not so close, I still like to work wide. I want you to see what I saw. And, how the subject lies within the context of the overall scene. Consider this, the picture was made with a 16mm lens. I’m a lot closer to the dock and boat than you think.


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