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Amazing Light

Golden light in Central City.

Golden light in Central City.

Another kind of light. Golden. After the storm. Under the clouds. Cotton candy.

Don’t worry about cotton candy. That’s just a phrase that I use to describe the kind of light in the bottom picture. I’m probably the only person who uses it.

I’d love to give you some tips. But, this is luck. Being in the right place at the right time. Chasing around like mad in order to find some subject — any subject — to stick in the picture in order to take advantage of the wonderful light. Sometimes, I am in the right place. Sometimes, after a big storm and some windy conditions, I know this is going to happen. So, I head to a pre-determined  location. Often, that works. Mostly it doesn’t. Usually, the sun dodges behind a cloud and doesn’t come out. Or, the sun doesn’t set at the right angle needed to make the picture. Something like that. It’s always something.

When it does work out, the picture is usually pretty amazing. Try it sometime.

Cotton candy light in Algiers Point.

Cotton candy light in Algiers Point.



  1. Hi Ray
    I we’re lucky to find you on the net some while back. I am enjoying you work. We met in the beginning of 1990 when I visited Westlight from Blue C in Denmark.
    Best regards
    Poul Thorsen


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