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More Blue

In the heart of the Quarter.

In the heart of the Quarter.

A little more blue hour work.

A couple of you liked yesterday’s silhouetted picture and were happy with the few tips that I mentioned, so I thought I’d post a few more blue hour pictures. I thought too, that I could give you an idea of how working in that light can turn the ordinary into something a little more magical. The really cool thing is that anyone who takes pictures with any sort of camera can do this if you want to, and you take a few moments to think about it and plan for it.

Planning. That’s something I didn’t mention yesterday. I was reading something about a friend of mine. He’s a National Geographic photographer of some fame. He was saying that it takes him about ten weeks to research a subject and six weeks to photograph it. That’s extreme. But, think about the kinds of projects he works on.

You  don’t have to go quite that far. Or, nowhere near close to that. Really.

Let’s use “In The Heart of the Quarter” as an example. You’ve been walking around the Quarter. You are starting to get used to the lay of the land. You think you’d like to be somewhere close to the Mississippi River toward evening. So off you go as the sun is setting. You may be thinking about sunset on the river, but you turn around because you know Jackson Square is behind you. If the light is right, that picture is what you see. Your research was, very simply, walking around the French Quarter enjoying yourself. Maybe during the day.

“Blue Makes It Different.” How many times have I photographed this place? A lot. How many times has the whole world photographed this place? I couldn’t tell you. Probably millions of times. Waiting for the blue light to come, and having the good fortune of the shutters being wide open in that front apartment made all the difference in the world. I never talk about something being the best in the world because I haven’t seen the entire world. But, I can say that this picture of that place is the best in my world.

Finally.”A Touch of Yellow.”  This is when you know that you’re on a roll. Instead of a bagel. Heh! I made this picture about ten minutes after  I made “Blue Makes It Different.” The real take away here is very simple. If you’ve got it, don’t waste it. Keep going. Keep moving.

I suppose that’s true in life.

Blue makes it different.

Blue makes it different.

A touch of yellow.

A touch of yellow.



      • Yes, I can understand the people connection. There is a strong connections to a community when you do that. As you know that challenge is to get them captured with as little movement as possible. You did an excellent job in doing that.


      • Thank you. Movement is interesting. There is a place where moment with people can be terrible, especially if it doesn’t look intentional. OTH, if it does look intentional it can work very well… like in a lot of my Mardi Gras work. 🙂


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