Super Sunday… A Little More

Striking colors.
Striking colors.

A little more from Super Sunday. I think you know enough about this event so I won’t bore you with the many details. This is mostly just a bit more of what I saw a few days ago. There are a couple of pictures that I’d like to discuss.

“Similar.” You seen this Indian in this suit. Just a few weeks ago. But, not in such a formal portrait. And certainly not photographed with a 16mm lens. That should tell you just how close I was working.

“All Joy.” This picture is amazing to me. Like one of yesterday’s images, not for the picture itself. But for the content. The wonderful young woman who is all smiles used to be my neighbor. The last time I saw her, a few days before the storm, was over ten years ago. She was eight years old. Look at her now. This really, really makes me smile.

Finally, “Mardi Gras Indians Comin’.” That’s what they look like when they are coming. Pretty impressive, I’d say. But, it’s the overall scene that I like. That post office used to by my post office. During the storm, it took about 15 feet of water. And, that hospital way in the background…  it was flooded to just below those windows. It hasn’t been restored yet. I’m not sure that it ever will be. But, the neighborhood in which is sits is about to be completely redeveloped so something good may yet happen to it. Not to worry, that neighborhood is a warren of run down old warehouses and shuttered small factories. It needs a little gentrification. That’s not something you often hear me say.

And, that’s the story. As I know it.

Mardi Gras Indians coming'.
Mardi Gras Indians coming’.


  1. Thank you, Frank. It can be difficult to find varied MGI looks. By their tradition and culture, they are supposed to look fierce. Even the street were once referred to as “the battleground.” Since you find a lot of music on YouTube, try looking for The Wild Magnolias. You’ll see a legendary tribe playing their music at full blast. Their late Big Chief Bo Dollis was instrumental in bringing the music of the streets to the rest of the world. 🙂


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