Getting Gas or Something Like That

I always thought...
I always thought…

Sunday was a very good day. The second of three Super Sundays was getting ready to roll. Downtown this time, starting at Bayou St. John and heading into the 7th Ward along Broad Street. As usual, I arrived a little early in order to wander around and get the lay of the land. And also, just to make a few pictures. The weather was beautiful. The sun was out. Everybody was in a fine mood.  Then…

I saw this.

Three police horses being refueled at a gas station. I always thought they ate stuff like oats and other grains. Apparently not. They get gassed like most other means of transportation. Or not.

Then I walked around to their front. I learned the truth. Cops on smartphones. It’s always smartphones. Thankfully, no big crimes were being committed. This is what my taxes pay for. I’m not saying anything else.

What they are really doing.
What they are really doing.


    1. It’s like the place where horses go to the doctor. You know, a horsepital. 🙂 Nah, they were just waiting for the parade to roll. You’ll see some of that tomorrow. More Mardi Gras Indians.


  1. This must be the next generation of police officers – on their smartphones while sitting on horses – as opposed to in their squad cars with a box of donuts. 🙂 The second shot wasn’t what I was expecting after the first one. Nice story!


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