The Light Went Crazy

Spring light and flowers near dusk.
Spring light and flowers near dusk.

I’ve been talking a lot about light lately. Why not? We all know it’s the prime component in photography. It’s the thing that makes a photograph a photograph. It doesn’t matter whether you make digital files, shoot film or even make some kind of photogram. Without light, there is no picture.


This is what happens when I walk outside, carrying a camera and happen to look at the spring flowers as the sun is starting to set. This is also what happens when you break on of the biggest photo rules around. They say, “Never shoot directly into the sun.” I ask why not?

Yeah, sure. Your highlight will be blown out into the unrecoverable specular range. But, if you close the aperture enough you’ll get starbursts and other weird effects as the light bounces around the lens.

That’s what happened to this picture.

One little suggestion. It’s probably a better idea to use your camera’s LCD rather than trying to use the viewfinder, especially if it is some kind of electronic viewfinder. They “see” very brightly. You can guess the rest.


  1. It looks like you are a really good photographer. It is very rare that you see such unique pictures. How many pictures do you post daily? Are these pictures from all over the globe; do you travel a lot? Do you spend most of your time taking such unique photos and posting them here? It looks like you are very active. What inspired you to start doing his? How long have you been doing this? I have followed you posts for sometime and have these questions for you.
    Thank you,
    Ps. take a look at my posts at


    1. Yes. I’ve made my living at photography for many years. It’s really the only career that I’ve ever had and I’m getting old. Being good at anything is really a matter of practice. Skill plus work ethic is important.

      I only post once a day. Anything more and I think I’m insulting my readers. Sometimes, I post multiple pictures within one blog but I never post more than one blog a day.

      I travel a lot, since it’s my job so yes, I take a lot of pictures. I only post the “fun” stuff on Storyteller. I mostly shoot advertising and corporate work for real money.

      Doing what? Taking pictures? Or, posting some of them here? If you mean taking pictures, I was just born that way just as some people are born to musicians, or mathematicians, or great chefs. Or, whatever. If you means posting pictures via Storyteller, it’s just a creative outlet. It’s a way to keep me honest.

      You should read your own blog. 🙂 I’ve been there, about a year ago. I think it’s about a dog. But, I’m not sure. If you’ll allow me to be honest, that’s a problem. At the very least, your readers have to understand your intent.


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