Quarter Light

After the storms.
After the storms.

Another trip to the vault. I have to right now. I’m a little busy and out-of-place.

This is another example of great light and its positive effects on a scene. Yes. I know. The French Quarter is just jam-packed with photo opportunities. But, they get even better when the light is right. In this case, it wasn’t just right. It was really right. Really pretty. And, really strong.

It’s fun to watch me work — or guys like me — when I get lucky and the light turns into a wonderful golden palette like this one. We hustle around and just keep taking pictures. No, I don’t machine gun my pictures. I just never stop moving because I know that I might only have a couple of minutes or maybe 15 minutes. When this light comes to an end, it’s over. Like somebody just flipped a switch. If the sun is setting behind broken clouds, you might get a second chance. But, don’t count on it. Work while the working is good. Be happy you had the light at all. Thank whoever you thank. Smile.


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