I should never have posted this picture. Now I want a tamale. It’s not that I’m hungry. I just want one. Just so you know, a tamale is Mesoamerican food. They originated in — wait for it — Mesoamerica somewhere around 8,000 to 5,000 BC. They were road food. Usually armies and travelers ate them […]

It’s spring. For just about everywhere in the country that means wildly changing weather, often in the passing of an hour or less. Further north that means tornadoes and hail. Down here in the south that means bright and sunny one minute, darkness the next, and sideways rain just behind. For about ten minutes. Yep. People […]

French Quarter traffic. As the sun sets. Luckily, for me, I got jammed up behind two pedicabs. And, a taxi. That allowed me to do my drive by shooting thing, stop in pretty heavy traffic and not get honked at for creating problems. Normally, I wouldn’t care about honking horns, but in New Orleans you […]

A last look at the place in which the three lakes come together. And, a little look at how the houses are really raised above the water level. And, why. The why is the most important part. On the day that I made these pictures there was a slight storm surge which was mostly caused by wind. […]

This is it. This about as far as you can go east and still be in New Orleans. It is in a place where three lakes come together. Lake Ponchartrain. Lake Borgne. And, Lake Catherine. For those who have been following my last few posts, this is just a bit further east than the picture […]

One thing leads to another. Yesterday, I posted about swamps and bayous. A friend of mine who lives in New Mexico commented on Facebook that she would like to see more of my swampy pictures because, well, she never gets to see much of that kind of greenery living in the high desert near Albuquerque. […]

The bayou. The swamp. How did I come to publish these pictures today? Well, that’s an interesting story. A young woman, fairly new to WordPress, stopped by to “like” one of my New Orleans pages. As I usually do, when somebody new passes through, I visited their blog to thank them and have a look around. I never […]

Stormy skies. For a stormy week. Believe it or not, this is New Orleans. Admittedly, it’s way out there. On one side, there is Lake Ponchartrain. On the other side is Lake Catherine. Straight ahead is the Rigolets Pass, which eventually leads to the Gulf of Mexico. This view is from Highway 90, the old […]

In a few words. Yesterday just sucked. This is a musical household. So, you know what I’m talking about it. He lived for 57 years. He was one of a handful of musicians who changed music. And, who lived at the same time that I did. If you’ve read Storyteller for long enough you know […]