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It's the light. Really
It’s the light. Really.

It is the light. It’s always the light. I took this picture in The French Quarter, at about the same time I made pictures for the last couple of posts. In any other light I’d have likely just walked right by this scene. But, in golden light the reds just popped and the shadows got deep, rich and contrasty.

It’s luck. Timing. Being in the right place at the right time. Whatever.

It’s also the reason that some pictures of similar subjects are better than others. Of course, you can help yourself a little bit by leaving your computer chair, or couch, or Barcalounger, at the right time of day and putting yourself in front of a scene that will blow up in the right light. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sure if this is one of those scenes or not. It was one of those pictures that I took on my way to someplace else. On the other hand, I know I wouldn’t even considered it if I saw it in muddy, gloomy light. I might not even have thought about it in high noon, bright sunlight. But, in low golden light…




  1. Or maybe in that muddy, gloomy light there would have been a certain colour or shape which would have caught your eye and it would be a different picture altogether, with it’s own charm….


    1. Not at all. I really don’t see that way. In fact, even when I shoot ruins and buildings that are falling apart I still look for light with good contrast. On of the best things about working in my home city, or staying in one place for a while, is that I wait for the light. If the light is muddy I don’t work unless it’s an assignment and time is an issue.

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