In The French Quarter

Crowds walking through the French Quarter in New Orleans.
Crowds walking through The French Quarter in New Orleans.

Yes. I know. The French Quarter is a major tourist attraction. So major, in fact, that many people who visit think they’ve seen all of New Orleans when they’ve only walked around the Quarter. Except on rare occasion, or when the weather is way too hot and humid like the months of August and September, the Quarter is pretty busy. The crowds get almost unbearable during Carnival Season, Jazzfest, French Quarter Fest or other festivals that I can’t quite think of right this minute.


I made this picture last Wednesday at about 7pm. I get it. A lot of schools were on some version of spring break. But, do these people look like high school or college students? The people leaning along the wall were waiting to get liquored up. Except for the children. They were waiting to eat tourist food. T heir parents dragged them there. You can tell. The folks passing by in the foreground were part of some tour. Maybe one of my favorite kinds of tours. Architecture. The last time I ran into a group like this I overheard the guide say, and I kid you not, “This is an example of architecture.” Yeah. Really? You paid money to hear this guy say that?

The picture. Hmmmm… I’m not always the biggest fan of my own work. But, the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s a nice little storytelling moment. Technically, making it was pretty simple. It’s about a 1/15th of a second exposure. I made sure to keep the people in the background, and the background in focus, while I let the people in the foreground walk through the picture.



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