Night Time at the Graveyard

Lafayette Cemetery No. 2.
Lafayette Cemetery No. 2.

I need a break from Mardi Gras Indians. You do too.

This isn’t a complete break because I made the picture on St. Joseph’s Night while I was looking for the Indians. But, it looks like a break. That’s what we need.

Here’s what happened. When I work around A.L. Davis Park in Central City, I like to park on one of the streets that divides Lafayette Cemetery No. 2. into two blocks. I knew the indians would be gathering at a neighborhood bar that is back by the biggest orange light. So, I parked. While I was organizing myself and my gear, I happened to look up. This is what I saw.

A couple of things.

When you work on the streets, situational awareness is key. In all honesty, I didn’t just happen to look up. I was watching my own back. Because. The best surprise is no surprise. And, I did a lot of post production on the picture. I wanted it to be moody, and a little cinematic. I also wanted it to feel a little lonely even though a crowd of people was walking down the street maybe 75 yards away from me.

It’s all about perceptions. Right?

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