From the inside.
From the inside.


And, changes. For those of us who live in Southeast Louisiana, it seems like spring is almost over. A lot of our early blooms are passed and gone. Our average high temperature this week has been in the mid 80s. I was lucky to make these pictures since so many flowers are withering away. Not from lack of rain. It’s raining as I write this. It’s just their time. There will be other flowers as we move into early summer.  But… whew. Time seems to be moving so fast this year.

The pictures. Oh, these are easy. Everybody can do it. All you need is a macro lens or one of those magnifying filters. Then, get very close — stick your head right in there — grip the camera properly and press the button. Hope that a bee doesn’t get annoyed and stings you.

Another view.
Another view.


  1. Spring has yet to start in The Netherlands, but the early flowers start to grow! That temperatures are unique, even for prime summer time.

    Nice photos! Great colours 🙂

    Happy weekend!

    Warm regards,


    1. Thank you very much. If you are having hotter weather than normal I fear that says a lot.Down here, Spring came very early, but we live in the swamp so it’s not entirely unexpected. But, you in a more northern part of the world… wow! Have a good weekend yourself. 🙂 — Ray

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      1. It does, both summer and winter have been strange for the past years. The winters have been soft, and so have the summers.

        There has been more drought, but when it rains, it pours. While years ago we had non stop drizzling days (not sure of that is a correct term for slow rainy days).

        Have a good weekend!

        Warm regards,


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