Coming out.
Coming out.

One more time. A few more pictures from the Keep N it Real second line parade in Mid City, New Orleans. I like these pictures. They are all happy. People dancing in the streets. Smiling. Laughing.

It’s a New Orleans thing. A Sunday thing. Well, mostly. Second lines paraders take a break for certain events. Mardi Gras. Super Sunday. Christmas. And, of course during the hottest, wettest and most humid weather of the year from July through September. For the record, there are usually 47 parades a year. That’s a lot. It’s something I believe every visitor to the city should see. It’s part of us. It’s about our culture. Our neighborhoods. Our people.

Probably every city and town has a couple of parades per year. Maybe for Christmas. The Fourth of July. Veteran’s Day. Something like that. But, the spectators stay behind a fence. They don’t participate in the parade itself. Even when there are  “the moving rope” barricades, they aren’t enforced all that seriously and people spill into the streets. It’s all good.

That said, the pictures. I think one of the things that makes them happy for me is the color. Most of them have a little yellow in them. Yellow is a warm, happy color. There’s a lot more about yellow, but I’ll leave that to you.