Glowing tail lights.
Glowing tail lights.

All about light. And, chasing it.

These pictures about a week old. We haven’t seen this kind of light since maybe last Sunday. Low winter light. The kind that is clean and bright. That adds a little glow to the air. A little sparkle. The kind of light that makes just about any picture look good.

Obviously. That light works miracles. How do I know?

Because I took a picture of SUV and trucks waiting for the red light to change. How many people would do that? Most of us just grumble a clogged streets. And, at slowly changing lights. But, what did I see? Hmmm. All those red lights sort of glowing in the blue light of late dusk. That’s what caught my attention. That’s why I made the picture. Urban life. I guess.

The rest? Oh man. You know me. Stick the camera on the dashboard, point the lens up slightly so the car’s interior isn’t in the picture. And, push the button. There is traffic in all three of the smaller pictures that you don’t see. Behind me. So, the trick is to keep going at the normal speed while really wanting to slow down. And, take pictures.

That’s the trick.

That seems to be a metaphor for life. How do you travel at the world’s constantly accelerating pace, while continuing to move at a speed that suits you? I dunno. But, that’s really the trick. Isn’t it?