Light, Motion and Color.

That’s about all you need to know about this picture. Except. An online friend of mine had to say goodbye to her cat. Sickness. Age. The things that catch us all, human or not. She told us on her blog. Losing a pet is almost as hard as losing a person. Especially if the pet and you have been friends for any length of time. She didn’t want comments on her blog because she thought that they would make her cry. She likes pictures like these. Full of motion. Energy. Color. She says that they are about imagination.

So. This one is for her.

I’m sorry for your loss. Thanks for hanging out with me online sometimes.



    1. Thank you. When we were on the road so heavily in 2012-2013, being out for like two weeks and home for a week or so, my Cocker Spaniel got very sick. The vet thought she had bronchitis. Instead her heart was failing. Luckily, I was home and we were able to spend her last day on the planet together. It took a while, but eventually five dogs came into my life. Three Cockers and two Poodles. Three are rescues. It takes a long time. I still miss her.

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