Glowing trumpet.
Glowing trumpet.

This is about it for last Sunday’s second line. You know. The VIP Ladies and Kids Social Aid and Pleasure Club featuring, not one, but two brass bands.

The Stooges Music Group and The Hot 8.

You know me. Brass bands seem to inspire me. I’m around a lot of music. But, I’m not around much brass except on the streets and occasionally in clubs.  At least not in this form… a kind of chaotic mix of traditional jazz fused with funk. When I’m around it, I tend to focus (No pun intended) on the musicians as much as I do the mainliners. (Okay. I admit it. Pun intended)


I might normally say that I managed to stretch out one day’s shoot over the course of a week. Kiddingly. I don’t take myself all that seriously. But, not this time. I had a good shoot. I made some really good pictures. No. Not all of them. But, way more than normal. After all, my holding rate is usually only about three percent of my total take. I am my own harshest critic.

That’s something to think about.


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