The kids come out.
The kids come out.

VIP Ladies & Kids Social Aid and Pleasure Club.

Kind of an important second line. Anytime children are involved it’s an important parade. Because… they are they future. Your future. My future. Their neighborhood’s future.

It starts at Edna’s house. On South Liberty Street. In Central City. If you looked at the parade schedule and didn’t know better, you’d think this might be a smallish neighborhood parade. No way. This parade might begin on a small street, but it’s huge. The problem with a big parade starting on a small street is traffic. Their own traffic. The street just jammed with mainliners, second liners, brass bands, floats, the queens car and spectators. It wasn’t has chaotic as the parade was last Sunday. It was just hard to move around as freely as normal.  I got trapped — for a while — at the start. I got trapped behind a float. I got trapped between the two brass bands. Trapped. Trapped. Trapped.


These pictures are about the ladies and the kids. The heart and soul of this particular second line. The pictures are moments in time. As always.

Aside from the lead picture, I don’t really have a favorite although the woman looking back at me in the picture called, “Oh Mister” has just enough quirkiness to make me chuckle.

By the way, I’ve been experimenting with developing and processing styles lately. These pictures look a little flat to my eye. Flat, as in not enough color and contrast. What do y’all think?