A little symbol.
A little symbol.

The Stooges. A Music Group.

That’s their name. The Stooges. They were formed in 1996, after their leader, Walter Ramsey combined members of two rival high school marching bands. He was inspired to experiment with the brass band format after listening to Rebirth Brass Band play. They’ve been around. They tour some. The record some.. Former members include Trombone Shorty and Big Sam Williams, of his band Funky Nation. They even toured Pakistan as part of an US State Department tour making them the American band to play in Hyderabad. Now, ain’t that something?

I photographed them a little yesterday (among many other times) while we were waiting for the VIP Ladies & Kids second line to start. I’ll show you more second line pictures in the next few days. This is always a big parade. So, I made a lot of pictures. Maybe too many.

And, speaking of pictures.

The top picture surprised me. With a little cropping and more work in post production, that thing could turn into a signature picture. We’ll see. I’ll tinker with it when I have the time. I really like the laughter picture. Pictures like those are my kind… little moments. And, the sax details… yes, that sax looks pretty well used. It was recovered from the storm and its waters. It was reconditioned and sounds just great. Its history seems to have given it a little more fuller and rounder sound.  That happens. Sometimes.

Besides, this is their 20th Anniversary. They have their own history. Rich. Full. Round.



  1. A signature photo, indeed!
    I glanced and then read your words. When I came back to the first photo I saw everything – the shoes, the shadows of instruments and I filled in the emotions myself.


  2. That first shot definitely grabs the viewer – so perfect it almost looks posed. The laughter shot makes me want to know about the guy in the background. What’s up with him – an inside joke, or one he’s heard too many times?


    1. The first picture came about because a couple of us were trapped by stopped float so I had time to really see. I have pretty fast hand-eye reactions, but I had all day to shoot this. In fact, I was able to frame it in various configurations. It was sort of like that moment when you get in the zone and everything slows down.

      I know what he was laughing about. Given that I was shooting with a 24mm lens I was right there to here everything. Mostly, it’s just outdoor Sunday jokes. Second lines are just like a big party. Everybody sort of hangs out until it is time to do their various things. 🙂

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