On Sunday


A couple of Sunday pictures.

Even though you think I have a lot of energy, these pictures prove that I’m just as lazy as the next guy. I didn’t even leave the house to take them. The late afternoon sunlight in the studio was just perfect. So. I dropped to my knees and took some pictures. The dogs thought this was a great idea. They tried to help me.

Happy Sunday.



    1. Unless you have one in mind from a particular seller, have a look at KEH in Atlanta. They’ve been around for at least 20 years. They are a buyer and seller of used gear. They give you a warrantee on what they sell and the prices are very, very good especially since most macros are very simple lenses. That picture, btw, wasn’t really macro. I got a bunch of cheap magnifying filters as part of a kit when I bought a body. I never thought much of them and never used them. I decided to play around with them. The quality is surprisingly good. Especially if you want to make more dreamy pictures.


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