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Trombone Player
Trombone Player


That’s the word I normally use to describe second lines. This was beyond that. Maybe shambolic. The parade started an hour late. The one and only float was being assembled while we stood there waiting. The police didn’t arrive until about 15 minutes before start time.  The band members didn’t seem to know one another. I didn’t seem like they spent any time rehearsing. A couple of them were arguing over song starts and stops. The crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves, but were getting restless.

You know I like photographing brass bands of any kind so none of that deterred me. And… eventually things got underway. They always do. Or, it rains. Heh.

Oh, it’s time to mix up the picture layouts a little. I may actually leave the entire the entire format. It’s not particularly photography friendly. It’s great for writing. But, for image display. Not so much.

When I asked WordPress about the difference between the format I loaded and the one that we all see, they kind of blew off the question saying that I could do that if I recode the format to allow for BIG pictures. Uh uh. The experts at WordPress don’t get it. I’m pretty sure that most of us want to show and display our work, whether it is visual or written. We don’t all want to join their world and learn to write code in order to do it. Especially WordPress code, which confuses some of the most experienced coders.

Bass drummer in the crowd.
Bass drummer in the crowd.



      1. I never even saw it when I took the picture. It’s part of the musical process. And, no, not everyone’s cheeks expand. Depends on the musician, but not the level of talent. There is a famous picture of Louis Armstrong doing that. OTH, you’ve never heard of the guy in the picture. Just so you know, when I was finishing my PhD, I got really sick of the writing process because I came to realize that academics make up words and phrases seeking some kind of written purity. Heheheheheheh.

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