Study in Blue

St. Louis Cathedral as the setting sun lights it.
St. Louis Cathedral as the setting sun lights it.

I wasn’t going to do this. I wasn’t going to post another small collection of pictures. No. Not forever. Nothing is forever. Besides, you know me. I change my mind whenever I feel like it.  Just not today. Or, for parts of the next few weeks. I was just going to post the top picture of The St. Louis Cathedral with the next golden side light hitting it. But, as I started working on these pictures for inclusion to my agency collection, I realized that I had a nice, little group of very blue pictures. I thought, why not?

Although I will probably do this again tomorrow with second line pictures, I am planning on going to the one picture a day format for a while. Between taking the pictures, processing them, modifying them, and then enhancing them for Storyteller, I spend a lot of time just working on the pictures. Then there is all the back-end work. Re-sizing them properly for web work. Embedding metadata and copyright information. Captioning. SEO work. All the stuff that it takes to protect, and to help people to find, my pictures.

This is a lot of work.

Please don’t misunderstand. I like sharing my work with you. But, for a short while, maybe just not so much of it. Or, as appropriate. Not everything I photograph needs to be shown in multiple pictures. Sometimes, one picture does it. Most times, I’m thinking.

These pictures. They are part of my take from a few days ago when the post storm light was so beautiful. I work on the cathedral a lot because I think it is so pretty. I probably should go back during the day and photograph the interior. I’ve done this in the past. But, it never hurts to refresh my overall collection.


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