Life on the Street

Street gymnastics.
Street gymnastics.

This guy. These pictures.

I decided. Just now, to start doing an occasional series called, “Life on the Street.”

Wait, what?

Here’s what happened. When I was chasing storm light, I ran into this guy. There was a garbage can lying in the middle of the street just about where I was going to stop to photograph some falling down building, which is really a big rental room for weddings and reunions and like that. It’s camouflaged. A lot of people in The Lower Garden District do that. The garbage can was starting to impede traffic so I thought I’d do the right thing and move it to the sidewalk.

This guy came rolling up on a bicycle and tossed it in my general direction. This very guy. The one in the pictures. So, I put it on the curb. Then he started hustling me. Not to worry, all is good in this little tale of mine.  First, he did gymnastics. The top picture is just one in about five backward flips. It’s hard to tell in my pictures, but this guy is smallish, wiry and very, very well muscled.

Then, he started singing. To use a technical musical term, he has a helluva a voice. Then he did his hustling thing. He didn’t have to. Not only did he work pretty hard, but he let me photograph him and we talked for a while. But, but, but… I don’t carry much cash when I’m roaming around. I had a ten-dollar bill and two singles. I kept the two singles.

He was surprised. And, happy as hell.


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