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And, On The Next Day

Heavenly cathedral.

Heavenly Cathedral.

What a difference a day makes.

One day, nothing but storm clouds and stormy light. The next day, blue skies and golden light.

I have a standing request for tourist locations. One problem. One picture pretty much looks like another. So, I only try to work on this project when the light is different. Or great. Or wonderful. Or, as Doctor John wrote, “On such a night.”

The funny thing about the op ten tourist locations is that they are about  the same. I decided to look through the various online tourism and travel sites in case I was missing something. They pretty much all agree on the top ten not-to-be-missed New Orleans locations. It goes something like this. The French Quarter, City Park, World War II Museum, Jackson Square, Bourbon Street, St. Louis Cathedral and so on…

What’s wrong with that list?

Of the six locations I just listed, four are in The French Quarter. I can’t remember the last four. But, I’d think just listing the Quarter would cover places like Jackson Square, Bourbon Street and St. Louis Cathedral since those three are located IN the Quarter.

No wonder visitors are confused. No wonder they think that visiting the Quarter means they visited New Orleans.

The pictures are pretty simple. Just walk until you find them. Often the hardest thing about taking a picture is getting there. Oh, the picture called “Silhouettes” is going to have some major retouching done to it. Those power lines are nice and straight and look sort of cool here, but my clients won’t like them. They’ll be gone before anybody who licenses the picture sees them.



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