Storm Light

Rain drops in the middle.
Rain drops in the middle.

A big storm came.

I decided to chase storm light, rain, wind-blown stuff and to make a few pictures that might give you the sense of being there. And, yes. I was driving. And, photographing.  Not to worry. You know how I do this stuff.

These pictures were taken during sort of a lull.

We had rain on Monday, a lot more on Tuesday and it broke loose at just about dusk. It was heavy, heavy sideways rain. Fast, gusty wind. I was fine. But, just about 60 miles upriver, a trailer park in the little town of Convent was destroyed by a tornado. Two people died there.

I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, go there for the immediate aftermath. But, I will go some time today. I’m not big on photographing disasters. I spent a long time doing that early in my career.  Newspapers and wire services publish that stuff. I’ll try to do something more meaningful than just take pictures to document it. Or, I may think better of it. We’ll see.

These pictures are just sort of fun. Night. Dusk. Colorful light. Motion. Blur.


But, never forget. These pictures were made during part of a massive storm. A classic spring Southern storm.


  1. I just L O V E these type of photos. Maybe it is because they suggest more than they show. They give free rein to the imagination and induce the ‘dream state.’


      1. Well, you are right. People want to know what they are seeing, but I am a dreamer, the ‘content’ sometimes is not enough for me…


      2. Not always. But, like anything — moderation. However, in my world, pictures like those are called backgrounds and their biggest use to lay type over them. If I were more of an artist, I’d probably see them differently.


    1. Thank you. Most of the weather alerts were for way upriver from the city. Well, not that far. If you drove out of MSY and turned left instead of right and went about five miles you’d come to some of the biggest destruction. In fact, Airline Highway is still closed up that way. Today; bright, sunny and cold. 🙂


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