A Little Swampy

Spanish Moss, the symbol of the South.
Spanish Moss, the symbol of the South.


A lot of tourists come to Louisiana for only a couple of things. They say that they want to visit New Orleans. They really mean The French Quarter, or that they want to take a swamp or plantation tour.  Swamps are just about everywhere. Plantations, at least the kind most people think of, are generally located upriver.  With the exception of one or two, most down river plantations have been destroyed by fire or water.

But, let’s not go there today. Before I really get into a plantation discussion, I have to go take a few pictures. Well, a lot of pictures.

However, I do have a lot of swamp pictures. These are just a few. They were all made in downriver St. Bernard Parish where swamps, bayous, lake water and even some salt water come together. A sportsman’s paradise. A least that’s what they call Louisiana.


A couple of you think I should do a long story about the EPA Superfund site. Thank you for your confidence and thoughts. But, I really don’t want to spend six months or a year working on a project that really won’t be seen by very many people. And, times have changed. Anybody can publish anything on the internet. That doesn’t mean a lot of people will see it. And, despite all marketing efforts, even great content has to be pulled. Not pushed.

And, that is an interesting word. Think about it. And, how you achieve it.

At the end of the day, it really means most so-called SEO experts haven’t got a clue. Heh!

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