Experiment 1.
Experiment 1.


A little experimentation. For next year. Starting now.

Like many people involved with Mardi Gras — The Mardi Gras Indians, for instance — I take a little break from Carnival and begin to prepare for next year. They start sewing their suits. I start anticipating photo agency needs, which can be a little generic and bland to say the least. Agency Mardi Gras image licensing season — to advertising agencies and travel related companies and the like — starts in early fall.  None of this means I’m actually going to be in New Orleans during Carnival, but I don’t have to be to do this work.

I thought that for next year I would build a little collection of images that have some like characteristics. Color intensity. Hue. Styling. Stuff like that. I began to experiment a little two nights ago. I thought that I would get you involved. I was going to add a poll to this post. But, you know how it’s been for me using WordPress technology, so I’ll just ask.

Which version of the two pictures do you like? If you have the time, why?

Just so you know. The first four pictures were made in cooler, more natural light. The bottom pictures were made in enhanced warmer light. The biggest two pictures are the original versions of the images. They have not been reworked in post production. All the rest were enhanced. I’m sorry that the thumbnails have a blue border. I’d prefer to keep the backgrounds clean and white. But, I have no idea how to change it.

Experiment 1A.
Experiment 1A.


  1. Personally I would avoid anything that has christmasy colors, so not true red and greens. I pick no. 3 and 4. due to the less christmasy colors. Especially no. 3A because it is vivid. Personally I do not really see Carnival per se in these photos, the beads look too much like glass ornaments to decorate a Xmas tree. Not everybody is informed about the details of Carnival, as you are, and we are who follow you. Can you put some vague carnival masks in the boke ? but these images may be okay in the context of an article about Carnival-Mardi Gras.
    I recently sent some photos of Venetian masks to an acquaintance and his response was ‘ what are these GIRLS ?’ – he saw the girls but not the masked costumes… I was pertty shocked at that reaction, that ignorance really. But what can I tell you….a lot is in the eye of the beholder. Cheers Ray!


    1. Let me answer the bottom reply and just say thank you all. I’m hoping to not influence anybody else’s potential answers. Just yet. I will say that Vera’s comment about the general content is very interesting. 🙂


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