Spring Flowers

Spring flower number one.
Spring flower number one.

Spring. It arrived in Louisiana a little early.

I’m sorry for those of you who are in the freezing cold. And, hate it. Not to worry, I’m looking at an early and very hot, humid summer. I don’t like that any more than you like the cold.

That’s it. For today. Maybe for the foreseeable future. No more writing. Not until WordPress can get their act together. My time is short and not for wasting with programming nerds who think that’s what “content providers” live to do. I don’t write code. I don’t want to learn. And, no matter how much somebody tries to shove it down my throat I won’t do it. Nor well I switch desktops just because yet another corporation wants me to do something that makes my life harder.

Sorry. I’ll write more some day when I know that I won’t have to repost two, three or four times to get the job done. Once.


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