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Sunlight beads.

Sunlight beads.

This is the third time that I’ve posted this. I wrote it and scheduled it last night. It posted as scheduled. But you couldn’t see it. Nor, could I.

I know this because I, like many of you, get a lot of emails immediately upon posting. I didn’t get any this morning.

I tried to repost. The only way into my pictures and my site was to use the so-called new and improved desktop. I think this was reposted. Except it is very confusing to you because the opening page is still yesterday’s post. You have to click on the “Once Again” in the headline. So, I had what could be called a spirited discussion with our fine friends at WordPress. Some legal words were tossed about. The notion of the customer is always right came up. Somehow, my work around came back. Like magic.

I wrote a really nice post last night. I can’t remember it now. After all, three times is over the top.

At the heart of it was this.

This is the Lafayette Cemetery No 1. It is located in the Garden District across the street from Commanders Palace, one of the perennial best restaurants in the country. It is about four blocks from our home. I shot it last week when I was chasing ladders, beads and all stuff Mardi Gras.

Oh, I promised photo lessons. So. Break the rules once you know them. A big rule is don’t shoot into the sun. Shoot with the sunlight over your shoulder. Break that rule. Whenever you can.



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