Man, It Was Something

Uptown Mardi Gras parade in motion.
Uptown Mardi Gras parade in motion.

Listen. No matter how much I whine about the construction, the traffic and the parking, this is always the most fun I ever have in the city. At least, photographically, he said with an evil grin.

For the record, I made 5,770 exposures during Carnival. Not in the last two weeks, of course. From January 6th, on the Twelfth Night until Mardi Gras Day on February 9th. I kept 290 of the pictures for distribution. I really only like about 15 pictures for inclusion in my portfolio or for some other project. My pedometer says that I walked 98 miles over the days and nights that I worked. I grumbled about construction, traffic and parking 2,674,981 times.

That’s it. Carnival 2016.

Throws on a bus.
Throws on a bus.


  1. I think the numbers are pretty interesting, 6+ miles for each of your 15, as for grumbling per each of those…hahahahaha. And I really like Rolling.☺


    1. I’ve thought about. It’s not so far from here. But, in almost every picture I see, there is too much control and not enough interaction with the people not directly involved. I’m sure that isn’t entirely true, but still… And, there is the old Robert Capa saying, “the pictures aren’t good enough, you weren’t close enough.” That has a deeper meaning than we think. Sure, it’s about distance. But, it’s also about knowing the subject. I know this subject very well. Carnival, not so much.

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