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Big Bands

Light and Music.

Light and Music.

You know I like brass bands. You know I like marching bands. I’m not sure what more there is to say. Heh!


I’ve decided to show you collections of specific subjects rather than to just wrap up my Mardi Gras work with groups of pictures produced by parade or event. I think that is a little confusing. The Carnival Season is over… until 2017.

Details. Look closely.

Details. Look closely.



    • Thank you very much Sreejith. To be honest, some of my use of depth of field was mostly because of lighting conditions. The the f stop had to be wide open just to let in enough light. — Ray

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  1. Ray a wonderful series. “Two is better than one” Marvelous. The reflections picked up by the horns is very appealing. As always, thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you, Tim. I tried to catch up to the guy carrying the tubas, but alas, the crowd was against me. 🙂 I wanted to ask why he was carrying two. I think I know the answer since I made that picture at around 7-7:30 in the morning.


      • That’s Southern University. All of their gear is in great shape. They make a lot of money playing parades. The question was why two? The answer is likely because his parade mate overslept. After all, the popular marching bands play about ten parades during the season. Each parade averages about 12 miles. Do two in a row and I don’t care how young you are…


      • I hear you. My sister-in-law teaches band at a middle school. Her school does about 8 a year including the Chinese New Years in San Francisco. That one is a very long parade. Her knees are killing her from all the walking and the number of parades she does.


      • Eight in a years? Sheesh. They are just getting started. 🙂 I’m talking about 8 to 10 in a 12 day period. St. Aug’s Marching 100 parades twice on a day when three parades roll. We are talking somewhere around 100 miles in 12 days when all is said and done. Band directors/teachers have it easy. They aren’t carrying a tuba or bass drum and trying to play while they walk. I’m sore today. I wasn’t yesterday. I’ll go walk some of that soreness out in a bit.


      • We finished post-Carnival stuff yesterday. People to the airport. House picked up after having guests for ever. We rested today. I think we are ready to go tomorrow. We’ll see. Nobody is in a hurry for the rest of the week.


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