Bitter sweet. That’s what this is. I did my best yesterday. Because I had to. It’s a long story that could be best summed up in the saying, “The work is the prayer.” I’ll tell you a little more. I’ll start with the back story of how these pictures came to be. I’m working on a big […]

I wasn’t going to do this. I wasn’t going to post another small collection of pictures. No. Not forever. Nothing is forever. Besides, you know me. I change my mind whenever I feel like it.  Just not today. Or, for parts of the next few weeks. I was just going to post the top picture […]

This guy. These pictures. I decided. Just now, to start doing an occasional series called, “Life on the Street.” Wait, what? Here’s what happened. When I was chasing storm light, I ran into this guy. There was a garbage can lying in the middle of the street just about where I was going to stop […]

What a difference a day makes. One day, nothing but storm clouds and stormy light. The next day, blue skies and golden light. I have a standing request for tourist locations. One problem. One picture pretty much looks like another. So, I only try to work on this project when the light is different. Or great. Or […]

Storm Light. One of my favorite qualities of light. There are others. Light at the ends of the day. Golden. Blue. Night. Almost anything but high noon in bright sunlight. But, first. I decided not to chase down all the storm damage in the little upriver towns. Those people have enough on their hands without having […]

A big storm came. I decided to chase storm light, rain, wind-blown stuff and to make a few pictures that might give you the sense of being there. And, yes. I was driving. And, photographing.  Not to worry. You know how I do this stuff. These pictures were taken during sort of a lull. We had […]

Swamps. A lot of tourists come to Louisiana for only a couple of things. They say that they want to visit New Orleans. They really mean The French Quarter, or that they want to take a swamp or plantation tour.  Swamps are just about everywhere. Plantations, at least the kind most people think of, are generally […]

I generally return to the scene of the crime. Mostly just to see what happened since I was there. There are two things to know. First, the only thing that has changed in about six months is the graffiti. Oh, and it’s winter. Not summer. Second, normally the phrase “return to the scene of the crime,” […]

It’s spring. Down here. In the swamp. Yesterday the high temperature was just above 80 degrees. The humidity is way down. The air seems crystal clear. Except in the morning when a lot of fog was floating around. All of that is great. But, it makes me lazy. I was supposed to take more pictures […]