Mardi Gras People


A look back in order to look forward.

These are the people of Mardi Gras. Well… a few of them. From different years. Different locations. And, the images are made with very different camera gear.

Which brings me to…

The pictures. The content is fine. The quality is not great. I can see the transition from film to the earliest of digital sensors and so on. In the earliest of digital days, most sensors really hated working in deep darkness. That improved. In the early days of converting film to digital files via scanning, every error I ever made in film exposure was enhanced. In some cases, specific film images were duplicated for agency distribution and prior to being used in the print production process. Children’s Parade is a great, or, terrible example of that. The image you see was sharp when I took the picture. It was duplicated and duplicated again. Then it was scanned. The overall resolution was manipulated right out the door. The image that you are looking at is at least fourth generation. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

And, so it goes.

Resolution keeps getting better. Megapixel counts are growing through the stratosphere. ISO too. Technical issues are mostly resolved these days. Almost every camera is a good camera.

But, none of that matters. If you don’t stand in front of better stuff.


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